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    Wurkzen|Get Started Form
    Wurkzen|Get Started Form

    Valerie Sutton

    Director, Career Services Office, Harvard Graduate School

    Wurkzen is an exceptional organization that embodies the highest standards of professionalism, innovation, and dedication. As the Career Services Director at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, I had the privilege of working closely with Wurkzen and witnessing their impact on entrepreneurs with AI.


    I have consistently been impressed by their professionalism, integrity, and genuine commitment to the success of their users.

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    Wurkzen Marketplace helps your business find more customers by listing your services allowing customers to find you and schedule bookings.

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    Selling your products online or from your store has never been easier. Just add your products and start selling, Wurkzen makes it that simple.

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    Accept payments whether you are virtual, mobile, have a physical store or are at a Wurkzen coworking space.

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    Short-term and long-term coworking spaces that you can book on myWurkzen or clients can book on your website.

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    An appointment and quoting system that helps your customers connect to your business and helps you stay on track with your daily activities.

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    Keep your business top of mind and keep customers coming back with automated email marketing campaigns.

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    Our customer management system provides information that increases retention, rewards loyalty, and provides insights.

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    Your business website is automatically created and published when you sign up, allowing you to show your business to the world.