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Get the sales performance management tools your business needs today.

The sales management tools you need

Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management
Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management

Put your focus,
on sales and revenue.

The only sales performance management platform focused on revenue. View and improve sales performance of customers, locations and employees.

Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management

Use sales pipelines software to
win more deals.

Manage sales deals with AI-powered sales pipeline software. 

Use AI sales assistants to increase deal closure and average order value.

Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management
Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management

Streamline Your Commerce

Make sending a quote or invoice as simple as clicking a few buttons with sales performance management

Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management

Quotes & Invoices

Quotes & invoices are hosted online allowing customers to respond

Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management

Recurring Payments

Automate your recurring orders with Wurkzen, just set it, and forget it!

Offer Flexible Payments

Make it easy for customers to pay you with Sales Enablement Software.

Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management


Money is important for your business.
Wurkzen’s sales software offers a multitude of different ways to get paid!

Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management

Buy Now Pay Later

Stop losing out on customers due to pricing!
Offer Buy Now Pay Later financing to customers with Wurkzen’s sales enablement software.

Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management

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When choosing AI sales tools, evaluate how well our tools align with your sales processes and goals to ensure they deliver the desired benefits. However, don’t forget to consider 


  • Features 
  • Integration Capabilities 
  • Ease Of Use 
  • Scalability 
  • Security 
  • Customer Support 
  • Pricing

At Wurkzen, we offer AI sales tools and AI sales assistants that leverage artificial intelligence to enhance your sales processes. These tools automate repetitive tasks, provide data-driven insights, and improve customer interactions, eventually helping you close more deals efficiently.

Wurkzen’s AI sales tools enhance customer relationship management by providing 360-degree views of customers. Our software predicts user needs, automates routine tasks and offers actionable insights. This allows your sales team to build stronger, more meaningful relationships. Wurkzen’s sales software and AI sales assistants helps you stay at the peak of your sales game.

Yes, our AI tools assist in sales training by providing insights into performance metrics, identifying areas for improvement, and offering personalized coaching recommendations. This helps your sales team continuously improve their skills and effectiveness. Our AI sales assistants can coach your sales teams on your customers, products, services and much more.

Yes, security is a top priority at Wurkzen. Our AI sales tools offer data encryption, user authentication, and compliance with data protection regulations to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Wurkzen’s AI sales chatbots and AI assistants reduce the workload on your sales team, ensure prompt customer service, and keep potential leads engaged. This handle 


  • Initial Customer Inquiries 
  • Provide Instant Responses 
  • Schedule Meetings 
  • Qualify Leads 

Our predictive analytics use historical data, machine learning algorithms, and statistical models to forecast future sales outcomes. This helps your sales team prioritize efforts on leads most likely to convert, boosting overall efficiency.

Absolutely! Wurkzen’s AI tools significantly improve lead generation by identifying high-quality leads through data analysis, automating outreach, and personalizing communication based on customer behavior and preferences.

Although Wurkzen is an AI company, we believe in the human touch, and offer human-based customer support. If you need help, just reach out from our business management software and we will personally assist you with any questions you may have on our Revenue Performance Management software or Business Management Software.

Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management


Wurkzen Marketplace helps your business find more customers by listing your services allowing customers to find you and schedule bookings.

Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management


Selling your products online or from your store has never been easier. Just add your products and start selling, Wurkzen makes it that simple.

Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management


Accept payments whether you are virtual, mobile, have a physical store or are at a Wurkzen coworking space.

Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management


Short-term and long-term coworking spaces that you can book on myWurkzen or clients can book on your website.

Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management


An appointment and quoting system that helps your customers connect to your business and helps you stay on track with your daily activities.

Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management


Keep your business top of mind and keep customers coming back with automated email marketing campaigns.

Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management


Our customer management system provides information that increases retention, rewards loyalty, and provides insights.

Wurkzen|AI-Powered Sales Management


Your business website is automatically created and published when you sign up, allowing you to show your business to the world.