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CPA & Accountant

Businesses in accounting and CPA need an effortless business management system and software such as Wurkzen, to simplify the process of managing website content, setting up meetings, sending invoices and quotes, as well as marketing all in one place.

Teacher & Tutor

Tutors and educators require an accessible business administration software platform like Wurkzen to make their day-to-day tasks easier, including website management, scheduling, invoicing, payments, quotes, and marketing. This all-in-one solution offers a straightforward way to manage these activities in one convenient location.


Attorneys and legal professionals can benefit from a complete business management software platform such as Wurkzen. With this platform, they can easily manage their appointments, website content, payments, invoices, quotes and marketing activities in one centralized location. Wurkzen provides an efficient way to streamline the practice operations of any lawyer or attorney.

Business Consultants

Professionals in the business and startup consulting field can benefit from using Wurkzen, a comprehensive and free platform and software for managing their businesses. This cutting-edge program allows users to effortlessly arrange appointments, develop websites, process payments and invoices, create quotes and handle marketing tasks—all in one easy-to-use secure interface.

Marketing Consultants

Marketing professionals require an efficient business management software like Wurkzen to simplify the way they manage their practice – from booking appointments to managing websites, payments, invoices, quotes and campaigns. With just one platform, these tasks can be completed quickly and easily to make their marketing business successful. Wurkzen is the best website builder for a consulting business.


Attorneys and legal professionals can benefit from a comprehensive business management software such as Wurkzen. With this platform, they can easily manage their appointments, website content, payments, invoices, quotes and marketing activities in one centralized location. Wurkzen provides an efficient way to streamline the practice operations of any lawyer or attorney.

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Professional Automated Website

Your website is how your firm is seen by millions of users on the internet. Whether you are an Attorney, Law Firm, Accountant, Insurance Agent, Teacher or Tutor, Wurkzen makes it easy to get started with an attractive professional website built by artificial intelligence in as little as 5 minutes. 


Just answer a few questions about your business and our automated technology will take care of the rest. The entire process will also automatically set up all of the tools you need to be successful online as seen below.

Online Booking and Appointments

If you are an Attorney, Law Firm, Accountant, Insurance Agent, Teacher or Tutor you all have one thing in common, you need appointment management. Make it easy for your customers to book directly with your firm from the comfort of their mobile device, phone or computer.


Wurkzen makes it very easy for your customers to book services online directly with you. Wurkzen automatically sets up your appointment and booking system during the creation of your website and adds it, automatically, which means that you can rest assured that your technology will work for you.

Take Payments

Send quotes and invoices via email and receive payments, all one the same platform! We built Wurkzen to bring ease of use to Accountants, Attorneys, Law Firms, Tutors, Teachers and other Professional Service Providers.


Taking payments has never been easier. Simply email an invoice, enter your customer’s information into our payment system or use our mobile BBPOS card reader to take a more secure chip or card swipe payment for the professional services that you provide.

Automated Email Marketing

Accountants, Is it tax time yet? Tutors and Teachers, Time for another lesson? Attorneys and Lawfirms, Time to renew a contract?


Wurkzen’s automated email marketing allows you to define recurring reminders for customers who purchase specific services at different intervals and allows them to book an appointment directly from the email. Automated email marketing brings you more business, let Wurkzen take care of all the heavy lifting and begin enjoying the benefits of automated email marketing today.

Customer Management

Your customers are the most important part of any Attorney, Law Firm, Tutoring, Teaching, or Insurance Agency business, so having information about them is important. Wurkzen’s customer management module allows you to easily see important information about your customers, such as customer birthdays, the amount they spend, your most valuable customers, feedback and more.

Partner With Wurkzen and Earn 20%!

Once you have experienced the magic of being a Wurkzen customer you can share that magic with your customers and open a new revenue stream for your business! You can earn up to 20% of the monthly subscription for each customer that you onboard as long as they are a Wurkzen customer. All you have to do is tell your customers about Wurkzen and give them your referral code.

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