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If You Own A MMA, Kickboxing Or Karate School You Should Be On Wurkzen

If You Own A MMA, Kickboxing Or Karate School You Should Be On Wurkzen

As an MMA, kickboxing or karate school owner, you have a lot on your plate. From managing students and instructors to scheduling classes and handling billing, the daily tasks of running a martial arts school can be overwhelming. This is where a business management platform like Wurkzen comes in. Here are three reasons why your MMA, kickboxing or karate school should be using Wurkzen:


  1. Streamline class scheduling and billing: Wurkzen offers an easy-to-use scheduling system that allows you to schedule classes, private lessons, and events in one central location. You can also automate billing and payment processing, so you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on your students.
  2. Track student progress and attendance: With Wurkzen, you can easily track student attendance and progress. This can help you identify areas where students are struggling and make adjustments to your instruction methods. You can also view student profiles and payment history, which can aid in the student management process with Wurkzen’s Built-in CRM.
  3. Communicate with parents and students: Wurkzen allows you to send mass emails and text messages to parents and students, so you can easily communicate important information such as class cancellations or upcoming events. You can also use the platform to send out surveys and get feedback on your instruction methods.


In conclusion, Wurkzen is a powerful tool that can help karate schools streamline their operations and improve communication with students and parents. From scheduling and billing to student progress tracking, Wurkzen has everything you need to run your MMA, kickboxing or karate school more efficiently.

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