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Tattoo Shops all need a website, appointment system, and some want to sell merch online too, Wurkzen has you covered
Get more exposure to new clients with Wurkzen's automated websites, email marketing, appointment system and payment solutions
Get a website, appointment system, payment solution and automated email marketing for your party planning, event planning and wedding planning business
Wurkzen provides solutions like websites, appointment systems and payment solutions for Barbershops

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Barbershops require a business management software platform like Wurkzen to streamline their appointments, website management, payments, and marketing processes under one easy-to-use platform that is free until they start making money.


Entrepreneurial locksmiths require a comprehensive business management software platform like Wurkzen to ensure their business runs smoothly. With this platform, they can manage and organize appointments, execute website maintenance tasks, process payments, create invoices and quotes quickly, and engage in effective marketing activities all in one place.

Wedding & Event Planners

Wedding and event planners need a simple platform to streamline their practice’s bookings, website management, payments, invoices and marketing. The Wurkzen Software gives users easy access all of the necessary tools they need on one integrated platform and its free until you start making money.


Pest Control

Pest control companies depend on Wurkzen, a comprehensive business management software platform, for managing their bookings, websites, quotations, invoicing processes, payments and promotions in one handy location. With this efficient solution at their fingertips, businesses can maximize their productivity without hassle.


Aspiring shutterbugs and photographers require a comprehensive business management software platform tool such as Wurkzen to simplify their workflow. It provides an efficient way to manage appointments, websites, quotes, invoicing, payments and marketing in one unified platform.

Tattoo Parlors & Studios

Tattoo Parlos & Studios are in need of a powerful business management software platform, like Wurkzen, to simplify their operations. This platform will provide the ability to manage everything from appointments and websites to quotes, invoicing, payments and marketing – all in one convenient spot. Streamline your workflow today with this incredible solution!

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A management software for small business.

Providing You The

Best Experience

The software and website to help you work and manage better.

Get a professional automated website for your business in 15 minutes or less with over 80 templates to choose from!

Professional Automated Website

Did you know that over 90% of people use the internet to find local businesses and only 50% of small businesses even have a website?

Wurkzen can help you get the website your business deserves by answering just a few questions. We have predesigned templates for Event Planners, Wedding Planners, Photographers, Tailors, Tattoo Parlors and much more!

Appointment scheduling made easy with Wurkzens automated appointment system

Online Booking and Mobile Appointments

76% of clients use their mobile devices or computers to book appointments with service providers.

Whether you are a tattoo parlor or tailor with a physical location or mobile business such as an Event Planner, Wedding Planner, Photographer or you even offer Tailor services from home. Wurkzen automatically builds your appointment system for you as part of your automated website which makes booking with your business easy.

Take payments for your services with our BBPOS card reader

Get Paid

Flexible payments is the name of the game. Wurkzen allows you to generate quotes for your Event Planning, Wedding Planning, Photographer and other services. Send your quote to customers and get your money faster with Wurkzen! Taking payments has never been easier. Customers can pay via email, or simply enter your customer’s information into our payment system or use our mobile BBPOS card reader to take a more secure chip or card swipe payment.

Setup email marketing campaigns for your services by simply clicking a button and selecting a few options

Automated Email Marketing

Photographers, time for annual photos family photos? Event Planners, time to plan a birthday? Tattoo Studios, time for a new tattoo?


Email marketing is the most effective marketing method on the internet.

Wurkzen helps you setup email campaigns tied to the services you choose which can remind customers that another appointment is recommended.

Grow your customers with Wurkzens Customer Management and CRM module, get valuable insights such as customer spend, top customers, most loyal customers, happy and upset customers and more

Customer Management

Your customers are the most important part of your business, so whether you are a Photographer, Event Planner, Wedding Planner or Tattoo Parlor having information about them is important. 


Wurkzen’s customer management allows you to see important information about your customers, such as birthdays, spend, your most valuable customers, and more.

Sell products online with Wurkzens automated e-commerce solution

Sell Products Online

E-Commerce makes up 20% of all retail sales worldwide.

Wurkzen automatically creates your e-commerce storefront for you. All you need to do is add your products. It’s that simple. Wurkzen’s automated AI websites will automatically add your products to your website with no steps needed from you, its that easy!


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