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Automotive services providers like Mechanics, Windows Tinters, Audio and Stereo Specialists and Detailers need a website, appointment system, way to take payments and email marketing that just works.

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Businesses in the Collision and Bodyshop industry can benefit from Wurkzen, a comprehensive business management software platform that simplifies appointments, website management, quotes, invoicing, payments and marketing. This easy-to-use system brings all of these services into one convenient place.



Detailers need an efficient business management software platform solution such as Wurkzen to make their daily operations simpler and more organized. With this platform, they can manage their appointments, website content, quotes, invoicing, payments and marketing efforts all in one place - no matter where they are located or how often they move around.



For locksmiths, Wurkzen provides a comprehensive business management platform that simplifies the entire process of managing appointments, websites, quotes, invoicing, payments and marketing - all from one convenient location regardless of whether you operate remotely or from a physical storefront and its free until you make your first dollar.



Mechanics in the automotive industry need a comprehensive business management software platform like Wurkzen to make their jobs easier. This platform offers features such as appointment scheduling, website administration, quotes, invoicing, payments and even marketing services - all within one convenient system that can be accessed from anywhere.

Window Tint

Window Tint

For professional car-tinters, Wurkzen provides a comprehensive business software platform that simplifies managing appointments, website maintenance, quotes and invoices, payments, and marketing. This cloud-based solution is easy to use whether you're on the road or have a physical storefront.

What is


A software for automotive service businesses.

Mechanics, Detailers, Window Tinters, and more!


A complete set of software and features to help you grow
your automotive service business.

A complete set of tools and features to help you grow your automotive service business.

Detailer and Car Wash businesses need a website, email marketing, payment system, appointment system and more for success. Get those tools with Wurkzen!

Professional Automated Website

aAre you a professional business in need of a website? Look no further than Wurkzen! Our AI-powered websites are perfect for Mechanics, Auto Detailers, Car Wash, Locksmiths, Bodyshops, Collision Centers and more.

Not only can you set up and customize our sites with ease but you can get it all done within five minutes or less by answering a few quick questions. Get the professional website that you deserve now at Wurkzen!

Get an appointment system so customers can easily reach out to you for mechanics, automotive services, window tinters, car wash, detailer and other service businesses

Online Service Call & Mobile Booking

Whether you are a mobile mechanic, detailer, car washer, window tinter or a bodyshop and collision center with a physical location you can setup service calls and appointments online. 

Your website automatically creates your service call and mobile booking pages so you can sit back and focus on running your business

Take payments for your services with solutions for mechanics, detailers, car washes, window tinting, or stereo business


You need to get paid, and Wurkzen allows your business to send quotes via email and receive payments directly on your phone by using the BBPOS reader, emailing an invoice with a payment link or simply entering the customers card information manually. 

Get paid faster for the amazing services you provide! Wurkzen helps Mechanics, Auto Detailers, Lock Smiths, Tinters, Bodyshops and Collision Centers get paid faster!

Setup automated email marketing to remind your customers its time for an oil change, tire change or tire rotation for you mechanic and automotive service business

Automated Email Marketing

Mechanics, time for an oil change? Detailers, time for new wax coating? Bodyshops, time for a new paint job? 

Take your customer service to the next level with Wurkzen’s automated email marketing! Easily set up recurring reminders for customers who have purchased certain services, and give them the chance to book directly from their emails. Why not sweeten the deal by offering a small discount? With this feature, you can make sure your customers come back time and again.

Your customers are the most important part of your automotive business for mechanics, window tinters, detailers and more Wurkzen providers CRM like functionality, insights and more


At the heart of every successful automotive service business lies a deep understanding of its customer base. With Wurkzen’s customer module, you can access invaluable insights into who they are and how they behave.

Gather information like customer birthdays, spending habits, most valued customers and more – this data will help you make informed decisions for all aspects of running a successful Mechanic, Detailing, Tinting, Bodyshop and Collision venture.

What is


A software for automotive service businesses.

Mechanics, Detailers, Window Tinters, and more!

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Flexible and cost-effective.


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